Terms of service for users

I: Software Product Protection Terms

1.Otpos POS Developed by Otpos Technologies Inc.This software product is protected by the copyright law of Canada, international copyright treaties and other intellectual property laws and treaties. User's right to use the software product.

2.Users are not allowed to reverse engineer the software by deleting all copyright information on the software and other copies, such as disassembly, decompilation, etc.

3.If you fail to comply with any of the terms of this agreement, Otpos Technologies Inc has the right to terminate this agreement immediately and reserves the right to pursue responsibility through legal means.

4.The use of this software product is at the user's own risk. Otpos Technologies Inc. shall not be liable for any special, accidental, indirect or indirect losses arising from the use or inability to use this software product under any circumstances to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws. Even if the possibility of the damage has been notified in advance.

5.Users must understand that the use of this software product involves Internet services and may be affected by various unstable factors. Therefore, there is a risk that the service will be interrupted or unable to meet the user's requirements due to force majeure, computer virus or hacker attacks, system instability, user's location, user shutdown and any other technology, internet, communication line reasons, etc. Users must bear the above risks, and our company does not guarantee them. The company does not assume any responsibility for the resulting inability of users to send and accept read messages or receive wrong messages.

6.Users must understand that there is a risk of anonymous or false information including threatening, defamatory, objectionable or illegal content or behavior or infringement of other people's rights ( including intellectual property rights ) from any other person in the use of this software product, and users must bear the above risks. Our company and our partner companies do not guarantee the service of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, including all implied warranties and conditions concerning the authenticity, merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, ownership and non - infringement, directly, indirectly, and under any circumstances resulting from improper or illegal use of the service by users.

7.The information defined by the company includes: text, software, sound, photos, videos and charts; The whole content of the advertisement; The commercial information provided by our company to users is protected by copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights and ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the content with the authorization of the company and advertisers, and cannot copy, modify, compile or create derivative products related to the content without authorization.

II: User Instructions

In particular, the user is reminded,The use of the Internet must comply with the relevant national policies and laws.Such as criminal law, national security law, secrecy law, computer information system security protection regulations and so on, to protect national interests and national security, all the responsibilities arising from the illegal use of the internet shall be borne by the users.

1.Users are not allowed to use Otpos Technologies Inc. to send or disseminate sensitive information and information that violates the national legal system.

2.Otpos Technologies Inc, like most internet software, is vulnerable to various security problems, including: disclosing detailed personal information, being used by criminals, and causing harassment in real life; coaxing and deciphering passwords; Other downloaded and installed software contains viruses that threaten the security of information and data on personal computers, and then threaten the use of rice products.

3.Users should strengthen their awareness of personal data protection so as not to cause unnecessary harassment to their personal lives.

4.The use of Otpos Technologies Inc. should pay attention to the protection of personal passwords and public mailboxes ( passwords should be more than 8 digits and contain letters and numbers ).

5.It is illegal to steal another person's user number or harass another person by using network communication. Users are not allowed to steal other users' numbers and harass others by any illegal means such as testing or cheating.

6.Other derivatives are not developed by Otpos Technologies Inc. Downloading, installing and starting such software may be threatened by all kinds of immediate or long-term risks, causing harassment to others and even violating the law. It is recommended that users do not download and use such tools easily.

7.After the user registers the registration code, if it is not used for a long time, the company has the right to reclaim the number so as not to waste resources.

8.The registration code belongs to the user who applied for registration for the first time. if it is found that the user is not the original registrant of the registration code, Otpos Technologies Inc has the right to reclaim the registration code. It is recommended that users do not transfer the registration code in private or free of charge to avoid disputes over the registration code.

9.Users should use the registration code regularly and legally, and the company has the right to reclaim their numbers if they cause trouble, harassment, deception, other users, etc. in the public environment.

10.Users are not allowed to use registration codes to carry out activities that violate national laws. If found, Otpos Technologies Inc. will fully assist in the investigation at the request of the public security department.

III: Otpos Technologies Inc

In particular, users are reminded that Otpos Technologies Inc. has the right to modify or interrupt service at any time without notifying users in order to guarantee the autonomy of the company's business development and adjustment, and Otpos Technologies Inc. does not need to be responsible to users or any third party for exercising the right to modify or interrupt service. Users must agree to this clause before Otpos Technologies Inc. can begin to provide services to users.

IV: Otpos Technologies Inc. has the final right to interpret the above terms and conditions.