Terminal T2 Mini

Smaller, smarter and stronger
intelligent cash register

Classic Exterior Design

The function can be selected according to your business's needs.
It is suitable for retail, convenience stores and other stores.

Professional Printer

58mm or 80mm width can be selected.
The printing speed is faster and the printing quality is more stable.
The quality of the whole machine is reliable and the maintenance cost is greatly saved.

Applicable Industries

Convenience store




Pet shop



Food & Drink

Key Features of Built-in Software

New interface, easy to operate

No longer endure the old interface and complicated operation of the traditional cash register, let alone readjust, the interface layout is the same as that of the traditional cash register; Touch screen operation greatly improves efficiency.

No need for networking

Local database is used for storage, and there is no need to connect to the Internet. Data is synchronized and updated among multiple terminals.

Bar code scanning

Support bar code scanning of goods, easily scan, you can add goods to the shopping list, or quickly query goods.

Return management

Refund return is rigorous and convenient, the return process is time-saving and worry-free, the returned goods are easily managed, and the complicated problem of return is solved.

Tax administration

Information such as the name, tax rate calculation method, and tax number of the user-defined taxes is supported. All goods that are applied with one click. Let the receipt information be clear and clear.

Profit statement

At a glance summary of the entire store revenue and expenditure situation, through intuitive statements, so that managers can easily grasp the store operating conditions.

The same quality in many business types

The 11.6 inch IPS high definition capacitive multi-point touch screen makes the display effect clear and the display angle wide. It can be used in indoor and outdoor.

Qualcomm 8-Core Processor

In order to make all your work manageable

Various external port for your business's needs

It creates more usage scenarios