After-sales service Comprehensive and considerate

7 * 24 - hour after-sales service to help your store run smoothly

Gold medal service

Quick installation and Save time

Training in scene Efficient cash register

Optimized maintenance Rationalization proposal

Service content

Data archiving

Complete user files, detailed records of maintenance, upgrade and customization requirements, and all-round service for you.

After sale Service

We will provide technical support by telephone, e - mail, remote service and remote video.

Short message reminder

Our technical team will regularly send guidance on system security, practical technology and solution operation.

Custom development

Professional business teams and experienced development teams can tailor the software systems needed by the enterprise according to the needs of the enterprise.

Regular return visit

The customer provides regular inspection service to ensure stable operation in the later period.

Mobile application development

The mobile terminal enables customers to solve customer problems anytime and anywhere, check customer tracking progress, synchronize with the PC terminal efficiently, and make customer service personnel more efficient.