Barcode scanner S1

Meets the store's code scanning requirements
Excellent functionality and sense of design at the same time

Not only fast, but also more accurate

Barcode / QR code can be scanned

Fast Recognition

Exceptional Code Identification

Dual Light


Vibrating Alert

Shake-Proof & Impact-Proof

Springback Key

Multiple System Compatibility

plug and Play

Quick Scanning

High-performance CMOS imaging chip is adopted to greatly improve the recognition speed.
Soft and white supplementary light and red focusing light make barcode aiming convenient.
Even in low light, it can quickly identify barcode/Qr code and product code on the paper or screen.

Accurate identification

Fast image decoding algorithm can not only accurately read irregular barcode/Qr code.
It is also easy to read abnormal bar codes such as stains, folds and distortions

Vibrating Alert

After the scanning is successful, not only the lights and buzzers are prompted, but also the vibration feedback.
Even in noisy environment, the scanning result can be confirmed at any time.

More beautiful

The top crescent gradually changing lighting design can show the elegance of the store.
The neat appearance has both functionality and artistic beauty.

Longer service life

The trigger can be pulled 3 million times.
The rebound trigger button can withstand 3 million times of actuation.