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Win7, 8 and Win10 is Compatible

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Easy to Use

The interface is simple and the operation is easy. The usage habits of Windows users are maintained. The learning cost is reduced.
Click to download the latest system installation package. The installation is complete and ready for use.
Almost zero environment configuration and computer novice can easily handle.

Local Database

The version of Windows uses local database to store the data. It does not need to connect to the Internet.
The data is synchronized and updated among multiple terminals.
Ensure more secure data and faster system.

Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Fully supports barcode / qrcode scanning of goods. It can easily add item to the cart or quickly search goods detail information.

Goods management

With text list or thumb mode to manage goods. Let you modify goods name, code, size, color, brand etc.
And you can set up low stock alerts.

Inventory management

The software provides a complete management module for purchase, sale and inventory.
It can solve the operation and management of small businesses.

Easier to Return

Return and refund functions are rigorous and easy. The process is simple and time-saving.
To scan or enter the order number on the receipt to obtain the order details. Then select the goods that need to be returned.
It is easily solve the complicated problem of returning item.

Expenditure Management

You can register the daily expenses of the store.
Let you check the expenditure items at any time and know the operation of the store well.

Multiple Tax Types

Support custom tax name, tax rate, tax number etc. You can choose whether to calculate tax by percentage or by a fixed amount.
For all goods applied at one time. Let taxes and amounts be clearly displayed on invoices.

Profit Statement

Summarize the sales and profits of the store at a glance.
With intuitive graphical reports, managers can easily obtain multiple data within the selected date.

Sales Analytics

By means of tables and statistical charts, you can view in detail the sales proportion of all hot goods.

Label Generator

Batch and fast printing of commodity price labels by desktop laser or inkjet.
The function of the label printer is realized simply and at low cost.

Multiple Format Invoices

Support receipt printer and desktop printer.
You can freely choose the corresponding printer according to your shop needs. It saves hardware costs.

Role Management

You can assign different roles to employees in different positions. Such as waiters, cashiers, managers and business owners.
Each role is given different operation options. Ensure the safety of company information and data.

Staff Attendance

You can calculate the attendance time of each employee from the login and logout.
To make attendance management easier.

Report Printing

It supports the printing of sales details for a specified period. And it can generate PDF format.
This will make it easier for you and the accountant to exchange data.

Automatic Upgrade

Automatically check updates and download the latest version or modules.
To make software update and upgrade easier.

Applicable Industries

Simple, intuitive software, tailor-made for retail stores and SMBs


Convenience Store

Food & Drink


Fashion & Boutique