Sales refers to the processing of sales-related businesses, such as ordering and settlement, return management, business report management, overdue order management, etc.

I , Sales Register

1, place an order

(1) Enter the order placing interface in the "Sales" interface;

(2) You can directly click the commodity to be selected from the commodity classification on the right;

(3) The selected goods will directly enter the (left) settlement interface. As shown in the following figure:

2, Settlement

(1) After the order is clicked, you can go directly to the bottom of the settlement interface and select "cash" or "payment" for settlement.


(2) Click "payment" to directly enter the actual payment interface, select and fill in "paid amount, customer, pay by, sales date, comment" and other information, and then click "complete".


3, Suspend

If you want to Suspend settlement of the currently selected order, you can click "Suspend" in the lower right corner of the settlement interface to move the current order to the "Suspend" menu bar for display.


4, Calculator

In the lower right corner of the "sales" interface, click the calculator icon to bring up the online calculator. You can directly calculate the order amount online.


II, Return

(1) In "Return", click "Add a Return" in the upper right corner to enter the return document editing interface;


(2) You can directly scan the return order, or manually enter the return order number, enter the information such as sold invoice no, customer, return date, payment type, refund amount, comment, and click "Save" in the upper right corner.


III, Sales Report

Sales Report refers to various business reports and helps users easily establish various statistical reports that meet the needs of enterprise management.

1, Due list

In "Sales Report", the user can directly click "Due list" in the upper right corner to correspond to the details of the customer's outstanding orders.


2, Print

(1) In "Sales Report", the user can directly click "print" in the upper right corner to enter the print setting interface.


(2) Set Printer, copies, layout, paper size, paper type and other information, and click "print".