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Common Problems

Can I customize the package?

Yes, you can add a package to the package management item in the settings. Select the package name and click Add to the right to add the package

What's the use of hanging orders?

The hanging order can temporarily save the currently ordered order, and can be retrieved when necessary

What should I do if I need to return the order?

Adjust the order to view the details of the order to be returned, click the " return order" button in the upper right corner to confirm the return order

How to reserve and change tables?

Select the free table and click the reservation button in the upper right corner to successfully reserve a table for the customer; Select the table that has been reserved or is dining, click the turntable button in the upper right corner, and then click the new free table

Why is my table always in a state of dining?

After the guest leaves the table and finishes packing, you need to select the table and click " empty table" in the upper right corner to update the table status to " free"

When the dishes are sold out, they can't be sold any more. How can we avoid making mistakes when ordering?

Select the dishes that are sold out and click " sold out" in the upper right corner to mark the dishes as sold out. If the waiter clicks on the dishes at the time of ordering, he will prompt that the dishes are sold out and will not be added to the order.

How to give preferential treatment?

Enter the settlement page and click " Offer" on the left to give discounts according to the amount and discount ratio, and the system will automatically calculate the amount.

How to delete the wrong dishes?

Click on the name of the dish in the order list to add, reduce and delete the dish; Click the " Empty" button at the top of the order bar to empty all dishes in the order


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