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Mozo Tek has a highly educated, high - quality, young and dynamic technical team behind it,Focus on the development, implementation and operation of cloud computing cash register system.To provide cash register system installation and various industry cash register system solutions for merchants, including the installation of cash register software, cash register sales, catering cash register equipment, wireless ordering system, cash register system development and customization services, etc.

The company has always taken " innovative technology" as the cornerstone of its operation, paid attention to professional and service quality, and made every effort to reduce costs for its customers and increase its market share in an all-round way.otPOS POS System is especially suitable for use in small and medium-sized supermarkets, restaurants and various stores, with rich functions and a stable system, so that you can easily solve the problem of store cashier management.

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The company has a strong team of software talents.To continuously expand software functions to meet various user needs at different stages of development and in different regions.

Regional technical services

Only by actively building the regional branch service network can the local users really do a good job in technical services.

Focus on core business

Focus on providing an overall solution to the cashier problem in the catering industry.

Management consulting services

Professional management consulting services can improve customer management and create higher added value.

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