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About Us

Otpos Technologies Inc has a professional team with profound knowledge and technical expertise. Some of us have 20 years of IT experience, young and full of vitality. The company focuses on the development and operation of cloud computing and smart POS systems. We provide POS terminal installation and custom software development services.

We focus on the individual needs of our customers. We will collect all customer feedback, propose new features, and spend countless hours of research and development time to provide you with the best services and products. By cooperating with us, you can gain more customers, rich experience and stay ahead of the competition.


We will integrate the most suitable technology with your system and redefine your business process. We provide technical consulting, customized solutions and complete information technology solutions to achieve best performance.


Our prices are reasonable and flexible to suit your business. It depends on various factors, such as the type and quantity of hardware devices you choose and the time for software customization and development. We also provide you with a price transparency.


We follow strict quality policies in all processes, internal communication and results. We attach great importance to the whole development process in order to provide quality products for your business.